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Get Your House Winter – Ready With This Home Maintenance Checklist.

Ah, Autumn when everything slows down a little bit in Ibiza. The change of season is the perfect excuse to undertake some home projects – whether is refreshing a room or an extreme makeover. With the calmer months ahead, we can finally get our house ready for the fall and winter.

If you’re a goal-oriented person, checking off these pre-fall season home maintenance it’s just a matter of time. Don’t worry too much, this home maintenance checklist has fun, design-oriented tasks, too.


The quickest way to freshen up a room is by changing the colours of the wall. Autumn with its mild weather is the perfect time for undertaking this task. The weather is warm and you can leave your windows and doors open to air out paint odors. Not to say that many houses in winter suffer from dampness, so a yearly repaint is a good option to prevent dampness and mould from entering your home.

Check for (and repair) air leaks

You can solve the drafty room issue and create a more energy-efficient space by taking a few minutes to find any places where cold air could potentially enter. From the outside, walk around your home looking for cracks or holes around your windows, walls, doors, or places where wiring might enter your home and fill them with some exterior caulk. If you do not feel comfortable doing this by yourself, call in a qualified and well-recommended professional, Ibiza Property Management will be able to come and fix it for you.

Prep your fireplace

Many houses in Ibiza are still relying on the good old fireplace, but before you start using it again it’s always better to take a good look at your chimney or call the expert to give it a good cleaning and inspection. It’s also a good time to order your firewood to have it ready to go. 

Don’t have a fireplace? Check out these heating system options available in Ibiza.

Cozy up your bedroom

Swap out your summerly linens and light textiles with heavier, soft textiles. While the weather turns cold, your bedroom should be a warm cocoon of comfort. Good fabric options include velvet, corduroy, faux suede, and microfibre. The key to creating a successful design is to layer. In fall and winter home design, more is more, so don’t be afraid to go over the top with a fur throw blanket, lots of pillows, and a combination of colours, prints, and soft fabrics. The more texture, the warmer and the more inviting the feel. Visit the furniture stores around the island shopping for cozy accessories. 

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