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For many years, Mechthild Fulde and her team of experts in Ibiza’s Real Estate market have been helping people buy and sell their houses and apartments.

She’s is one of the most recommended property experts here in Ibiza. One of her unique selling prepositions is her knowledge of the island. After 30 years of living in Ibiza, she knows almost every house in every area, the prices, and the entire market.

The main aim of Mechthild and her team at IBZlink is to help and advise their customers to always find the best properties for their customers.

For people who are looking to sell their properties in Ibiza, they own a huge database and manage a big network so can quickly find potential buyers in a short timeframe.

IBZ Link is your partner for buying and selling any kind of property in Ibiza: Fincas, Villas, Houses, Apartments, and Plots. Get in contact with Mechthild and her team to see what they can do for you.


Via Will Faber 11 AP. 1
07819 Jesús
Ibiza, Spain

Contact Information:

Phone: +34 610 67 29 30

Business Branch:

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