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Winter Garden: 6 Vegetables to Plant Now.

Now that winter has kicked in, you can start growing some tasty vegetables, perfect to make a delicious warm soup. To make it tastier you can add some of the fresh veggies that you’ve grown in the previous autumn months.

You can make the most of the colder months on the island by growing the right crops – especially easy in Ibiza thanks to its mild climate. 

Here are 5 veggies to try:

Cabbage: This vegetable is packed with antioxidants and has a lovely crunch. You can either eat it raw in salads or sauté to retain nutrients while softening and bringing out its flavours.

GROWING TIP: Cabbages can live in the garden all year round – just make sure to plant with plenty of space around each head.

Leeks: You can steam or braise leeks, and throw them into all sorts of soups, sauces, and stews. They need some loving care at the beginning though, sow them in containers before transferring them to their final position.

GROWING TIP: Leeks are happy in the cold, so you can leave them in the ground until you need them.

Spinach: Another leafy green vegetable, the Ibiza climate is so good for spinach that the plant grows wild across the island. Chop it up raw in a salad, or cook it into pasta sauces and stews.

GROWING TIP: You can extend the autumn season and buy yourself a few extra weeks by building a simple tent cover over your spinach – well worth the effort for fresh, crisp veggies.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower is not the easiest vegetable to grow because it is very sensitive to temperature changes. It also needs rich soil and a steady supply of water and nutrients.

GROWING TIP: Plants will grow best in full sun, although a little partial shade might prevent plants from bolting or budding (forming small, button-sized heads), in warmer weather.

Onions: They are an absolute must in warm, home-cooked meals. A biennial plant, onions can survive the winter and even last two years – though they do grow best in milder climates.

GROWING TIP: Onions aren’t only good for your food – they’re good for your garden too. This bulbous plant repels insects and deters pesky herbivores from getting into your winter vegetables.

If you would like to build a raised garden bed to grow your own veggies, see our “how to” post here.

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