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Tips to Get Your A/C Ready for Summer

f you live in Ibiza you know that when summer will arrive it will hit with high temperatures. That’s why is a great idea to check your air conditioner system now, before summer arrives, to resolve any problems or needed maintenance.

On the first really hot day of summer, the last thing you want is to switch on your air conditioning system only to find that it doesn’t work. So let’s have a look at 3 important ways you can get your central air conditioning into tiptop shape before the summer heat hits.

Change the filters

This is probably the easiest air-conditioning maintenance you can do, but many people forget to do it or don’t think to do it often. Bear in mind that the filters should be replaced once a month to keep your AC running smoothly.

Check the condensation lines

Sometimes the pipe that carries condensation away from your air conditioner can get clogged. When this happens it could back up into the air conditioner — or into your house — and you’ll have a messy problem and a big repair bill! To avoid this issue make sure the pipe is draining out properly. If not make sure to clean the pipe and remove any blockages.

Clean the outside unit

During the winter months, your AC’s outside unit has been collecting dust, mud, and leaves, especially if you don’t use a cover. All of that dirt clogs up the unit, reducing your AC’s performance. Before you start running your AC clean out any debris and consider removing any part that might block the unit. 

If the idea of overtaking these maintenance jobs, to prepare your A/C for the summer, doesn’t appeal to you, you can call the experts!

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