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Do you have a house, an apartment, or a bungalow in Ibiza and are looking for a competent partner to take the best possible care of your property in your presence and absence, to guarantee you and your guests a relaxing time, or to assist you when dealing with the authorities? Then here you have found a comprehensive and customised service that is tailored to your needs! Welcome to Ibiza Housekeeping.

If you can spend some time in your house in Ibiza, you should not waste it on repairs and maintenance. We regularly inspect all the installations and technical equipment to ensure everything is in working order when you or your guests are in the house.

Do you rent your house or apartment here in Ibiza but are not always on the island? We can provide the appropriate feel-good service. After all, your guests want to be looked after, the property well maintained, and you satisfied.

Gardens, patios and pools need plenty of care and attention throughout the year. You can stop worrying about the condition of your outdoor areas because we ensure everything is growing and well-maintained, even in your absence.


Stella Maris/Cap Negret Apartado 383
07820 San Antonio
Baleares, Spain

Contact Information:

Phone: +34 667099304

Business Branch:

Maintenance / Security / Insurance

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