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How to Save Water in Ibiza

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Water Wise: Ways to Reduce your H2O Use

As an Ibiza property owner or guardian, using water wisely is one of the best things you can do for the island and yourself. Reducing your H2O use saves money and energy, and it is crucial for helping preserve the Ibiza ecosystem.

The island has experienced many years of below-average rainfall, meaning water reserves are low and supply is stretched. The hectic summer season with its influx of tourists brings even more pressure. You might wonder, “What difference can one person make?” But if we all make a change “one person” can make a world of difference as it all adds up!



The simplest way to save water daily is to turn off the water while you brush your teeth. If you brush for about two minutes twice a day, that’s 4-5 minutes of water you save.

Another easy step is to switch from baths to showers, or cut down on time in the shower. Even a fast four-minute shower uses up to 40 gallons of water. You can cut that dramatically by turning off the water while you soap and shampoo.


If you own your home, invest in water-saving low-flow shower heads. Or buy a simple flow restrictor, fit it to your existing shower head, and start saving water.

You can also fit all your taps with aerators. These create multiple mini-streams instead of one steady stream. This cuts down on the overall volume of water used and it reduces splashing.

For everyone:

Only run washers and dishwashers when they are full. Running them partly filled wastes a lot of water and electricity, both of which cost money. If you have an adjustable washing machine be sure to set it for the appropriate load size.

Use a large bowl or pan of water to wash fruits or vegetables. It is more efficient than cleaning them under running water. When you’re done, tip the water into your nearest house plant!



Kids love to play in the water. Instead of running a sprinkler fill up a paddling pool instead and equip your troops with water pistols so they can create their own cool spray.

Water your garden early in the morning when temperatures are cooler, or after sunset. This will reduce evaporation from sun and wind, and discourage pests like snails that munch on wet leaves at night. You should also water less often and more deeply. This promotes deep roots that can survive dry spells.


A timed drip irrigation system can cut water use by as much as 90%. Investing in an automated smart watering system creates long-term cost and water savings by helping calculate your water needs and adjusting accordingly.

When designing your garden, cluster similar plants together to create “watering zones”. This makes it easy to give each plant the water it needs, instead of too much or too little.

For everyone:

Storing rainwater is a free, easy way to conserve water. Set up a rain butt to catch the rain that runs off from the roof or shed, or simply plunk a few large buckets out during heavy rain and use the contents to water your garden on the next hot day.


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