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7 helpful Fire Prevention Tips

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, a reminder that summer is just around the corner. With this in mind, it’s important to be mindful of fire safety as we prepare for the hot months ahead.

All too often, wildfires are caused by careless behaviour. High temperatures, lack of rain and an abundance of dry vegetation, especially during the summer months, create an incredibly dangerous situation for fires to start and spread. Unfortunately, these conditions can be further exacerbated when people fail to take proper precautions. This includes failing to properly dispose of cigarettes or campfires, leaving flammable materials out in the open, and other forms of negligence. It is also important to be aware of any fire bans that may be in effect in your area so as to not contribute to the risk of fire.

Adopting responsible practices helps reduce the prevalence of destructive wildfires that can cause significant damage to property, wildlife and human life.

7 Fire prevention tips

1 – Make sure the smoke alarms in your Ibiza Property are working properly, if you live in a wooded area you have an escape plan in case of emergency.

2 – Inform your family and friends who visit the islands about the high risk of forest fires and provide them with safety tips.

3 – The majority of fire on the island, ignite from carelessly discarded cigarette butts or inadequately monitored small fires. Make sure cigarettes have been put out completely, and never discard any butts from a car window.

4 – If you use candles or incense, make sure they are never left burning unattended and never leave them near flammable materials.

5 – Fires in woodlands, mountain regions, or agricultural land located within 500 metres of forests are prohibited from May to October.

6 – If you use a barbecue or campfire, make sure it’s completely extinguished before leaving the area.

7 – Finally, if you are a land owner, fire prevention laws stipulate that you must remove any flammable material from around your residence and in 10 metres on each side of the access road. This cleared area and the access road constitute a fire break which will safeguard your property and provide you with an unobstructed path to safety in case of emergency.

By taking these simple precautions now, you can enjoy a safe and memorable summer on the island!

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