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How to get the Ibiza Look in your Garden at Home

(Photo: ghl-ibiza.com)

Have you been to Ibiza and liked the look of some of the furniture, art, and decoration that you’ve seen in the various beach bars and restaurants courtyards, and outdoor clubs?

Here are some key pieces/techniques and colours that you can use to get the essence of the Ibizan to look in your garden or exterior space at home…

Giant Buddha

The giant Buddha, Buddha head, or even smaller buddha statues can be seen all over restaurant and club gardens and courtyards in Ibiza. Probably most iconically in Agroturismo Atzaró Ibiza – This Balinese garden style is now synonymous with the White Isle’s outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Mirrors

Using mirrors outdoors to open up the space is an age-old Ibiza trick for amplifying small restaurant club terraces and smoking spaces. An outdoor wall with a beautiful antique or window-style mirror = Very Ibiza!

Neutral Colours

Cool grey and white are obvious favourites when it comes to that chic outdoor Ibiza look. If you’re outside, it goes without saying that you can’t avoid that natural green – but also lately a fresher mint green has been featuring in a big way in some of the Ibiza venue’s outdoor spaces.

Contained Topiary

The great thing about contained or miniature topiary is it’s so easy to look after, whether it’s a cactus or a small potted tree or bush – it’s the perfect neat little solution to bring some green into a small space (like a balcony, terrace or courtyard) and once trimmed and shaped to your desire it only needs and little watering and touch of maintenance now and again to keep your outside space looking great.

Of course, the outdoors is always influenced by the indoors – to find out more about this year’s interior trends in Ibiza check out The top 4 Interior Design Styles You Will See In Ibiza.

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