Selling Ibiza Property

3 Tips for Selling your Property in Ibiza

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There are a lot of beautiful homes for sale on the market in Ibiza, so if you’d like yours to stand out from the crowd – here are a couple of tips about things you can do yourself to get the sale moving.

Stage your Property

When you’re searching through property listing sites – ever wondered why you linger on pictures of some particular properties more than others? The interior setup of the property is so important, and while we understand that it can be difficult and impractical to live in a ‘show-home’ environment all the time, it might be worth staging your property ahead of having the photographs taken, and possible buyers coming over to view it. You can do this yourself by trawling through Instagram and Pinterest to get some ideas of what works and what doesn’t – or you could hire a professional. Here in Ibiza, German interior decorator, Eva Weisenfels – offers this service. Eva helps clients to showcase their properties at their very best for professional pictures and viewings. Her real-estate staging service will help you create a welcoming environment that will make your house more appealing to potential buyers, helping you sell the property quickly and for the best price.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Take control of the sale of your property by commissioning a professional photographer – who will be able to both listen to your wants and needs and also use his/her expertise to show your property in the best light. Here in Ibiza, Studio Mr. Smith photographer specialises in photography for both private clients as well as some of the biggest real estate agents on the island and knows how to shoot luxury.

Find a Professional Real Estate Agent

It goes without saying that finding the right real estate agent for you, is an essential part of selling (or buying) a property here in Ibiza, or indeed anywhere. But what does this entail? Check out our blog, Finding the right Real Estate Agent for you here in Ibiza – to see our top tips!

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