Buying A Property in Ibiza

Real Estate tools to sell, buy or rent your home.

Real estate companies are aware of the benefits of technology both internally, to optimise operations and reduce costs, and externally, in relation to the customers. But why should these tools be available only to real estate companies? Luckily with the wider digital transformation in the property industry, much information is now easily accessible.

Here are some of the latest real estate tools so that you can make the best decision to buy, sell, rent or invest.


It’s an interactive tool based on real estate “Big Data”. It offers geolocalised information about the real estate market in Spain so that you can make the best decision when selling, buying, or renting a home.

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This tool helps you to know the value of your home. It’s a valuation engine that establishes the price of any home through its address or cadastral reference. The algorithm can learn from sale prices without human intervention, capturing the variations that the real estate market can experience over time. This can help you to determine the most suitable price should you wish to put your property for sale. 

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It’s an app that helps you manage multiple vacation rental properties in different places, but on a single platform. This technology allows to join calendars and prices, send invoices to the guests, and collect the payment of the tenants, among other advantages. Interesting, right?

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To simplify real estate investment. This website makes available to the investor properties in profitability and provides integrated management of the investment. Its web platform serves as a point of sale for properties that already have tenants and provides financial information on the properties to focus on the placement of assets instead of looking for vacant properties and finding tenants.

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