Buying A Property in Ibiza

Eco-Friendly Homes

A home can be luxurious, traditional, modern, and minimal, but can it also be sustainably designed and eco-friendly green? Thanks to today’s technologies and innovative design there is no doubt that a beautiful home can also be green.

So let’s have a look at the top 3 eco-friendly features that should be incorporated into a green home.

Sustainable & Locally Sourced Materials

To reduce the carbon footprint today’s green homes are built by using recycled and local materials. This is not a new technique as before international shipping became commonplace, “locally sourced” was simply the method that all builders used to construct houses. Just think about traditional Ibiza farmhouses built with the natural materials available on the island: dry stone, juniper beams for the roof, clay, and seaweed as insulation.

Energy Efficient Equipments

Creating an eco-friendly home is not just about building an eco-friendly home, but is also about incorporating features that will help reduce your carbon footprint throughout the years. So think about incorporating in your home LED lighting, solar panels, and eco-friendly heating systems. If you want to know more check out our previous post “Reduce your carbon footprint starting home”.

Water conservation 

Saving water and reducing water consumption is an important part of green living, especially here in Ibiza where water is precious. While it is possible to save water by stopping dripping taps, not leaving taps running and other conservation tips, and installing new water efficient devices is the best way to ensure that water is conserved and not wasted.

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