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International Grocery Stores in Ibiza

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One of the best things about Ibiza is that the island attracts an extensive mix of visitors and residents from different countries and backgrounds. For being such a tiny island it boasts a vivid cosmopolitan environment – artists from all over the world, a wide range of restaurants to choose from as well as specialist grocers that cater to every community.

If tonight you want to surprise your loved one with a special home-cooked meal or you simply miss the food from your country of origin and fancy the taste of home, here’s a list for you of all-around-the-world food stores which are based around the island. 

Taste of England

Thomas Green’s British Supermarket is located in San Antonio. It was established in 2006 and it’s been serving the community with the best-selling British products ever since. They also offer fresh hot beef and vegetable pasties, steak & kidney pies, sausage rolls, steak slices, chicken & mushroom slices, and cheese & onion slices.

Bella Italia

Hermanos Meneghello is both a grocery shop in Ibiza town as well as a warehouse on the main road from Ibiza to San Antonio. We know that Italians always miss their home food and we are pretty sure here they will find anything they are looking for to make the perfect lasagna or tiramisú. The shop stocks everyday products – olive oil, cheese, pasta, and wine, besides delicious Italian delicacies.

All things German 

Samos Deli is a German shop based in Santa Eulalia. The family-owned store also has a bakery in Siesta, where they bake a range of traditional German dark breads and brezels. This year we have seen the latest addition to the Samos’s Group, the new Samos Deli online shop, where you can order online your German delicacies, as well as daily fresh products and they will deliver it directly to your doorstep: www.samos-deli.com

Fiesta Latina

Nuestra Tierra in Ibiza Town. In this Latin American shop, you can find an authentic range of South American products. They do not offer any online shop so make sure you go there in person if you are missing your daily dose of Mate or the ingredients to make your ideal Mexican fajitas.

Double Dutch 

Supermercado Diferente is a new Dutch shop, located in Santa Eulalia. It stocks more than 2000 products from the Netherlands and the wide range includes ¨normal¨ supermarket products, articles of specific Dutch premium brands, as well as fresh vegetables and of course flowers.

Asian Flavours

Arroz y Bambú is an Asian chain of shops based in Ibiza, Santa Eulalia, and San Antonio. This specialist supermarket offers a range of food from all over Asia, which isn’t available to purchase in any of Ibiza’s larger supermarket chains. It’s well stocked with all the authentic ingredients necessary to cook from the most traditional Pad Thai, Chinese rice, and sushi to the most not so well known cuisines such as Korean kimchi and Philippines Chicken Adobo.

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