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Dog-friendly beaches

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Ibiza is well known for being a cutting-edge island in the tourism sector and in the last couple of years the island has been working on improving the service offered to both locals and tourists. Due to the increase in the number of residents dog owners and holiday-makers traveling to the island with their furry friends, the town of Ibiza and Santa Eularia del Rio have approved the first, all year round, dog-friendly beaches on the island.
Santa Eularia boasts two spots, which are small yet big enough for dogs to run happily in summer without annoying or being annoyed by other tourists and locals. The first beach is located on the outskirts of Santa Eulalia, in the north of the town near Es Faralló, this is a small bay right next to Punta de s’Esglèsia Vella. The second one sits at the end of Santa Eulalia’s main beach, close to the mouth of the river and it is accessible from the right edge of the riverbed. This is a nice small beach that combines gravel floors with sand. The only downside for the owners is that the beach lacks almost all amenities such as public toilets or showers.
The dog-friendly beach in Ibiza is located in Ses Figueretes, dogs are allowed for the whole year, without restrictions on hours. The only downside is for the owners since the allocated spot is made mostly of rocks and there is not much soft sand.
All beaches feature signs that inform you that dogs are allowed and are equipped with all the necessary facilities to keep the beach clean from dog waste. Always remember to be respectful, make sure your dog does not bother others, and recollect their droppings, because, even if those beaches have a natural aspect, their preservation is fundamental for the health of the animals so that everyone can enjoy them.

Dog friendly beaches in Ibiza

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