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Denise Klischan has specialised in the field of Real Estate Law and that of Law of Hereditary Succession. She is able to assists you in related to issues in international legal affairs.

Denise Klischa has extensive experience in advising clients on all aspects of real estate law, including property acquisition and sale, tenancy agreements, mortgage financing, and construction contracts. She also provides legal advice to private individuals on inheritance matters, such as the drafting of wills, preparation of testamentary trusts, and the execution of probate proceedings. Denise is qualified to advise on international Real Estate dealings and Inheritance arrangements involving foreign property and entities.

Denise also assists with corporate succession planning for family businesses and offers advice on wealth protection strategies.

Her team of experienced professionals has a wide network of contacts in the legal, notary, tax, and architectural fields throughout Spain and other European countries.

“We can provide you with access to experienced professionals who can assist you in addressing any legal, notary, tax, or architectural issue you may have. Our network includes lawyers specialising in corporate law, tax law, immigration law, contract law, and litigation, notaries public with experience in real estate purchases and sales, tax consultants who can offer advice on Spanish taxation matters, and architects who can help with any design or construction project you might have”.

Beyond that, the range of services includes mediation and reconciliation talks.
Advising discordant parties that are interested in finding an amicable solution. The mediation process is intended to help the parties come to a mutually acceptable resolution of their dispute. During the mediation, we will ensure all parties are heard and provide guidance on the overall outcome.


C/ Vicente Cuervo, 16-4ºA
07800 Ibiza
Islas Baleares, Spain

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Phone: +34 971 19 31 03

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Legal Advice / Lawyers

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