Living in Ibiza

5 Things you need to know before renting in Ibiza

1 Research the area

Think about the area before you move in. For being a small island, Ibiza boasts such different lifestyles – the quieter north, the buzzing south, the crowded west during the summer months and the vivid east. Each municipality has its own character & lifestyle and you need to know first whether it’s for you or not.

2 Discuss pets early

If you are relocating to Ibiza with your pet  you need to mention that during the negotiations with your prospective landlord. Most landlords in Ibiza do not allow pets in apartments, but you can always find landlords which allow pets – especially cats or small dogs.

3 Timing is key

Winter is usually a good time for looking for long-term rentals. Because the season is over and many people are leaving, it’s also likely to be the time when landlords might be getting tired of high turn-over of guests and visitors and looking for a more serious tenant. If you want to know more, check out our previous post about ‘looking for rentals’ here.

4 Conduct a detailed inventory

When going through the property’s inventory, make sure you point out any defects and take a note of the state of the items. You don’t want things to get messy if something gets broken. Also, make sure to understand properly who will be paying in case of damage. A good place to start is to know your rights, so check out our previous blog ‘Who pays for repairs in rentals’.

5 Find out how much is the deposit

When it comes to the deposit, the amount is at the landlord’s discretion. Usually, landlords ask for the equivalent to one month’s rent as a deposit, but some ask for more (or less) than that. But in Ibiza, we’ve heard  many times about landlords that take advantage of it and once the contract is over they find excuses not to give it back. So make sure to understand what it is & how it works.

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