Buying A Property in Ibiza

Visa and Residency Requirements for Buying Property in Ibiza

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Here is a list of all of the documentation needed for you to become an owner of Real Estate in Ibiza:


What is it? The NIE number is like the British National Insurance Number or the American Social Security Number – it’s a unique code for each person that lasts for their whole life and allows them to pay taxes, purchase property and pay utility bills.

How to apply: You can apply at your local police station by filling out a form, this will be valid for the initial 3 months and after that, if you decide to stay – you will need to make a second appointment at the police station. If you are an EU citizen and you live in Ibiza for 3 months or more each year, you are required by law to apply for Residency. Here’s how: make an appointment at the local police station to fill out some more paperwork. You will then need to go to the bank and have some of the paperwork stamped – and return to the main police station in Ibiza and collect your green residency card, the “Tarjeta de residencia” once that has been processed.

The process for Non-EU Residence differs slightly. You will need different paperwork and it is advisable to apply within the first few weeks of arrival.


What is it? The Empadronamiento is like the town census – so basically it involves registering with the town hall and it allows you to access all of your residency rights, for example, health care, getting married, or putting a child into school and buying a house or car.

How to apply: If you are going to be living in Spain for more than 180 days per year you are required to apply for Empadronamiento. You need to visit you’re local Ayuntamiento (town hall building) with your tenancy contract or proof of ownership deeds and complete the necessary paperwork.

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