Buying A Property in Ibiza

Try before you buy

Photo: Shutterstock

Renting a property in Ibiza for your initial stay is a great idea – especially if you are planning to move to the island and have never lived here before. There is no better way to check out the different areas, the way things work, and what to avoid, than first-hand experience.
During the high season in Ibiza a lot of properties are rented out at high rates to tourists and workers – however, during the low winter season from Mid October to around Mid May you can find relatively inexpensive apartments to rent if you’d like to come and give the island a try. It’s also an opportunity to talk to locals and get involved in the community without making your major investment straight off the bat.
If you are planning to buy to let, coming and staying in Ibiza might also be a great opportunity for your to do some detective work – not only will there be more places available for you to view to buy, but you will also be able to have a look around at what other rental property owners are doing with their places.

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