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The top 4 Interior Design Styles You Will See In Ibiza

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One of the best things about buying a new home, is then turn it into your home and infuse it with personality. With the island being such a hotspot for architecture, design and décor, find the right place to buy unique pieces to decorate your home has never been so easy.

When it comes to interior design and home furnishing, Ibiza reflects perfectly its eclectic vibe and multicultural environment. The island is home for a wide range of home furnishing stores, ethnic boutiques and quirky decoration shops chock full of beautiful and unique items.

Looking at interior design we can find 5 styles that are pretty popular around the island.

Traditional countryside


This look combines traditional style and modern functionality while integrating with the surroundings. It takes inspiration from the traditional island decoration – furniture pieces made of natural materials with earthy, natural colours. This style keeps the charm of traditional ibicenco farmhouse and bring out the character with simple lines and few decorative elements.


Eclectic mix 


Ibiza boasts many unique ethnic boutiques and quirky decoration shops featuring unique articles from all over the world. To give to your house this distinctive look you should mix and match modern with antique pieces, incorporate vibrant colours, rich patterns, metallic accents and pieces that possess ethnic or oriental vibes.



This kind of style is characterised by refined lines, minimalist silhouettes, and natural shapes. Choosing the right pieces for the right spaces is key, allowing each piece to shine and breathe. If you opt for this style remember to mix and match elements from other design styles to keep your home looking fresh.

Clean white-on-white


All white style are very popular within minimalist modern design, it can be very inviting with its clean, crisp look. When done right, this look creates a serene and peaceful space, providing a chic, pure and natural take on design.

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