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Top 3 Trends in Outdoor Furniture: Turning the Indoors Out.

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Versatile pieces, natural materials, and high functionality. Discover the latest trends in outdoor furniture.

When you live in a sunny place like the beautiful island of Ibiza, indoor and outdoor space fuse together with the outdoor space becoming an integrated part of your everyday life.

The idea of packing away your outdoor furniture for half of the year sounds crazy – and terraces, gardens, and patios become an extension of your indoor living spaces. This way of living is reflected in the design of modern outdoor furniture, here are our top 3 trends.

Seamless transition from indoor to outdoor 

We see a lot of versatile pieces designed to match your indoor décor, that give you the freedom to use them in more than one place – both indoors and outdoors. An example is the beautiful Cane-line range, which is available at Magazine Shop, in Ibiza. The Danish furniture company has created a collection of flexible, multifunctional, comfortable furniture for outdoor areas, which due to their high-quality materials and exquisite design, can be used indoors as well.

Photo: Cane-line

Natural materials.
Last year we saw the natural look strengthen in indoor furniture, and this is now progressing to the outdoor living space. This means that classic rattan and wicker are back, with their Art Deco feeling – natural materials, soft colours and timeless charm. Wooden furniture also ensures a lounge atmosphere – the material itself radiates warmth and serenity. This natural look fits perfectly in Ibiza, especially if you want to enhance the relaxed Mediterranean vibe. The furniture shop MAGAZIN offers exquisite pieces that combine natural materials to provide a relaxed yet chic style to your outdoor area.

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Functionality and elegance.
Modern outdoor furniture that has a simple but elegant design with soft lines. This timeless, elegant look is combined with very high functionality, after all, modern outdoor furniture is designed for pure relaxation and seamless entertainment.

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