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How Take Care Of Your Swimming Pool

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Many villas in Ibiza have a private pool but this is a luxury that requires constant maintenance. Proper water cleaning will prevent, for example, problems or irritation of the skin and eyes. Often are the kids who spend most of the time in the pool are the ones who are most sensitive to any alteration in the ph or to the level of chemicals in the water. Proper equipment & filters will help to avoid any possible health issues and keep your pool in tip-top condition.

Take care of you’re swimming pool all year round. In Ibiza, the idea of not using the pool for half of the year, especially if it’s a heating pool, sounds crazy. It’s important to not let it go green during the few “colder” months. It’s all too easy to ignore your swimming pool over winter only to be faced with an unhealthy mess at the beginning of spring. Leaving the pool without filters and chemicals not only will delay the start of the swim season but will also mean an important investment of time and money to restore your pool to its sparkling best. Nowadays most pool owners keep it clean the whole year, maintaining it “in a sleeping mode” in winter to then “wake it up” when the swim season arrives.

The preparation of the swimming pool for the warmer season will depend whether the pool has ben kept “in a sleeping mode”, ignored or kept perfectly over winter. In the first case to “wake it up” you simply need to carry out a shock of chlorination and get the right pH balance. In case you have not taken care of the pool over winter, you should first empty it, make a over-full cleaning and then fill it with new water. To help the recovery process you should add to the water a dose of flocculant in tablets. In the last case, if the pool has been maintained correctly during the winter it will be enough to check that the level of pH and chlorine are correct. 

It only takes a little regular maintenance to help your pool stay clean and ready to jump in when an unexpected warm day comes up. The costs depend on both the company that is doing the maintenance and the equipment used. Ask the experts about the best options available for you here in our business directory.

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