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Safe as houses: Security tips for your home

Ibiza is fortunate to be a safe, friendly place. Compared to much of the world it is a true oasis of peace and security, where you can go about your daily life without trouble. Nevertheless, when it comes to your home, it is wise to take certain precautions to keep you and your family safe. Whether you own or rent a home, or are simply visiting, here is our advice on how to keep your loved ones and belongings secure.


Many villas and apartments stand empty for part of the year, making them targets for thieves. Fences and electronic gates are popular security measures and villa owners may want to consider an electronic home alarm system as well. Those who live here year-round often opt for a four-legged alarm, in the form of a large dog! However, trained guard dogs are expensive and require expert handling; while family pets may not deter determined criminals. One of the best, simplest means for home security is to not leave your property empty. If you travel a lot or live in Ibiza part-time, arrange for friends on the island to house-sit. 


Pick-pockets and opportunists do exist in Ibiza too, especially during the summer. Don’t let the island’s relaxed “good vibes” lure you into being careless of your personal belongings. Phones, cameras, etc should be zipped away if not in use. Be cautious of carrying a lot of cash or extra credit cards. If you’re here on holiday, leave your passport in a safe place when you go out to party. Preferably the safe in your hotel room or villa. You are less likely to lose it that way.


Good friends look out for each other, especially on an island where auto accidents are common. If you host a dinner or party at your home, make arrangements so none of your guests need to drive home that night. For example, you could encourage them to carpool to your house and then hire taxis to return people to their homes. If you are out on the town, take similar steps to make sure nobody is stranded and nobody is tempted to drive drunk. 


Home is supposed to be a sanctuary, but it can be a dangerous place for kids. Keeping your family safe means being aware of the possible hazards in your home. Fire and water are two of the biggest. Swimming pools can be deadly if a small child slips in for even a moment. Fencing off your pool is one option; constant vigilance is another; the third and best option is to make sure your child can swim. Ibiza Swim (http://www.ibizaswim.com) offers lessons for children, starting from infancy. It is crucial to keep your kids away from barbecues and open fireplaces. Use gates, locate movable barbecues away from play areas, and watch children closely at all times.

With a little thought and attention, life in Ibiza can be safe and idyllic, every day.

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