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Family Friendly Beaches in Ibiza

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Ibiza is well-known all over the world for its turquoise sea and beautiful beaches. However not all of them are suitable for younger kids, some beaches may lack amenities and others may not be safe, featuring difficult access to the sea and cliffs. 

To help you find the perfect place we’ve rounded up 10 of Ibiza’s top family-friendly beaches – all boasting clear waters, beautiful views, activities for all ages, and tons of opportunities to enjoy a day with the whole family.



Located on the north of the island, Portinax has it all! Beautiful turquoise sea, calm waters, bars, and restaurants for enjoying lunch, and plenty of space for the youngest ones to play and have fun. The water is warm for swimming in the summer, while the softly sloping beach makes it easy for little kids to run into the sea. And if during your stay you are up for some family adventure time, you can go and visit the beautiful lighthouse of Portinax.


Cala San Vicent

Another great beach in the north of the island. It’s spacious and sandy and it offers a small pedestrian promenade, where kids can run free, with beachside cafes and restaurants. For being such a tiny village, Cala San Vicent is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day with the family. If you arrive from the South (San Carlos) you will be welcomed by a spectacular clifftop overlooking the bay with its turquoise sea. You can stop a little bit further down the road and make sure to take a beautiful family picture with this breathtaking backdrop.



Santa Eulalia 

Santa Eulalia is renowned for being the most family-orientated village in Ibiza and the main beach sets right in the heart of the village. This beach is a real paradise for the whole family, it offers plenty of activities and it’s one of the first non-smoking beaches of the Balearics! It’s surrounded by a long traffic-free promenade that features bars and restaurants, where mums and dads can enjoy a delicious lunch overlooking the beautiful bay.


Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya is a beautiful beach. Due to the soft sloping of the seabed, it’s the perfect beach for little children to enter the water. There is only one chiringuito that serves lunch, so make sure to bring some snacks and drinks for the little ones. If you are planning to spend Sunday there, you can make the most of the day by shopping in the morning at the second-hand market of Cala Llenya, enjoying a tasty paella in the restaurant of the market, and then walking down to the beach to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.


Cala Nova

Located on the quiet east side of the island, Cala Nova is surrounded by beautiful pine trees. It has usually shallow waters, even if sometimes on a windy day it can become a decent spot for surfing -making it the perfect place for young surfers to learn. On a normal day, the water is calm over clean, soft sand which extends quite a way into the sea. So children can safely play both outside and inside waters, while mums and dads can enjoy the sun. The beach boasts several bars and restaurants.



Las Salinas

Las Salinas is a great beach to relax at with your family. High season is one of the most popular beaches of the island, it gets very busy and unless you are up for some fun-crazy Ibiza beach time, we will advise you to avoid it or arrive there late afternoon when is quieter. The off-season is a great place to enjoy some quality beach time. This beach is very long and the water offers easy access for children. Along the beach mums and dads can enjoy lunch in one of Ibiza’s famous beach bars.



S’Éstanyol is a tiny, private cove surrounded by rocky cliffs. Thanks to this year’s opening of Cala Bonita beach restaurant, the entire bay has a new trendy feeling and it makes a new up-runners family-friendly beach near Ibiza town. This little slice of paradise is one of the last few quiet beaches where locals and visitors can enjoy some peace and quiet, also during the busy summer season. 



Cala Gració

Cala Gració is a bay of soft sand and incredible turquoise waters, so no wonder that is one of the most beautiful little beaches in the north of San Antonio! It’s an ideal quiet beach for families, even in the high season. Thanks for being a deep cove it does not have any waves or currents, making it a perfectly safe place for the little ones. The water is shallow, warm, and so clear that you can see the bottom— perfect for swimming and diving. The plus side, as for any west-side beaches of the White Isle, is that you can also enjoy the mesmerising Ibiza sunset!

Cala Tarida

Set on the west coast, Cala Tarida is a fantastic wide beach for the whole family. The seashore is one big playground where kids can have fun out of water. The sea is crystal clear and blue and the place offers a fantastic view. Surrounded by bars and glamour beach clubs, deciding where to eat will have never been so easy. What else could you wish to have on a relaxed beach day in Ibiza?


Cala Vadella

Cala Vadella is a beautiful bay with all the amenities for an ideal day at the beach. This beach has always been a family’s favorite and it’s easy to understand why – soft white sand that slopes gently into shallow waters, plenty of bars, restaurants & ice cream shops – perfect for an afternoon treat! The beach offers plenty of space for having fun with the kids and the crystal clear water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling – there is also a dive school in the area.


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