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Kid’s rooms: decorating ideas for different ages

Decorating kid’s rooms is all about creating a welcoming, comfortable, functional space that will allow your child to grow. There are different considerations for different ages, of course. With very young children safety is paramount; as they grow older, decorating will revolve more around their interests. Regardless of age, if you think about decorating in terms of these five categories, you can create a room that will be the source of many happy memories.


Our first piece of advice: forget pink and blue. Children have plenty of gender clues in the world outside. Don’t impose fire trucks or fairies; let them choose. Even before they can speak, children have preferences; encourage their interests and create a room that reflects them. Choose a neutral base colour such as pale grey, green or yellow, preferably in child-proof paint. Then you can add pictures, posters, and ornaments according to your kids’ taste.


Kids’ furniture should be solid, safe, and suitably sized. The basics include a bed, desk, or table with a chair, cushions, and a bookshelf. As kids get older, get them involved. You can visit the market or second-hand shops like Ibiza Troc together to look for pieces, then sand and paint them as a project. Children will love having something they “made” themselves, and they’ll learn a useful life skill in the process.


Good light is important in children’s rooms, especially once they hit school age. They will doubtless be spending a lot of time looking at screens and at least some reading books. Choose warm, bright, diffuse lights that will protect them from eye strain and headaches. When they’re younger, it’s best to avoid free-standing lamps they can knock over. Suspend extra lights from the ceiling if need be.

Toys & accessories

Gain an edge in the battle to keep your child’s room clean with attractive storage options for toys, books, and other whatnots. Big wicker or woven baskets are good toy bins for young children. Avoid chests with lids that can snap shut on small fingers. Use shelves generously for books, games, toys, and other items. You can always add to them as your child gets older. Pre-teens and teenagers will have electronics, so make sure there are safety outlets and space for them to charge and store their phones, iPads, and computers.

Age-appropriate evolution

Gutting and making over a room every couple of years is time-consuming and expensive. Instead, plan for a space that will grow with your child. Consider bunk beds for young siblings that can be separated to make a guest bed once the children move to separate rooms. Modular bookshelves and storage units can be added to as your kid gets older and has more stuff. Choose throw rugs over carpet to make it easy to change the look and feel of the room; paint instead of wallpaper; and curtains instead of blinds. 

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