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Winter home makeover: repairs and renovations that boost your property’s value.

You have prepared your home for winter with our winter maintenance tips. Now it’s time to consider using the season to invest in the future of your home. Small-to-medium renovation projects can add significant value to your property, and they also make it more comfortable and convenient to live in. 


One of the biggest drawbacks in a lot of Ibiza properties is cheap, shoddy, single-pane windows. Presumably built with high summer in mind, most flats and many houses have paper-thin glazing that leaves you shivering all winter. Sealing cracks around existing windows is a patch; upgrading to double-glazing adds permanent value, not to mention comfort. 


What is the first thing a visitor or potential buyer sees? Your front door. According to property experts, a new front door will return about 90% of its value in the sale price, and increase the likelihood of making a sale at all! Choose a sturdy door that suits the style of your house or flat. Steel doors have an added security advantage, which may be useful if you live in the countryside.


Lack of insulation, like single-glazed windows, is a product of cost-cutting at the construction stage, or an over-optimistic understanding of the local climate. The fact is, Ibiza is chilly for several months of the year, and humid all year round. Good insulation will repay you with increased home value, reduced heating bills in winter, lower air-conditioning costs in the summer, and a reduction in dampness all year. It is also a great way to improve your home’s eco-credentials, as it cuts down on energy over the year.


A well-presented garden gives a priceless good first impression. Ibiza has a fantastic climate for growing a variety of plants and trees, and with professional advice, you can turn an ordinary front yard into a welcoming oasis. Local garden centers are a great place to look for ideas and advice. Even if you have a green thumb, consulting with a gardener is a good idea as he or she can guide you to choose the best array of plants and accessories for your space. And be sure to read our garden blogs which cover everything from building a rock garden to choosing the best trees.

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