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Rock Gardens – How to create the ultimate low-maintenance garden

You want a beautiful, peaceful garden. But you don’t want to spend hours weeding, watering, fertilising, and pruning; or pay someone else to do it. Or perhaps you’re concerned about the environmental impact of watering and using garden chemicals. Building a rock garden is the perfect solution. These are landscapes based around artful arrangements of stone. Here’s what you need to know to create the ultimate low-maintenance garden.

More than just rocks

The first thing you should know is that rock gardens aren’t just piles of bare stone. They often incorporate plants, trees, water features, or other elements. For example, you can incorporate hearty plants like cactuses or heat-loving herbs like lavender (see our post on Drought-Resistant Plants for ideas!) This is a wonderful feature in a hot climate like Ibiza because it allows you to reduce your garden’s water consumption to almost nothing without sacrificing a touch of green.

Suitable for any space

Rock gardens are 100% adaptable to the size, shape, and terrain of your Ibiza property. With no need to worry about soil quality, root spread, light, or shade you can create them wherever you wish. If you have a large property you could bring in large cut stones to create a garden that blurs the line between nature and art. If you live in an apartment you can use a planter and small rocks to create an artful display that harmonises with the space. 

Colour and texture

When you think of rocks you may think of plane grey stones, but rock comes in an incredible array of colours and textures. Just look around next time you go for a walk on the beach; you’ll see everything from tiny pink pebbles to the deep russet hue of the cliffs. You can recreate these extraordinary Ibiza colours in your own rock garden, or opt for modern-looking slate, quartz, black granite, or white limestone to create an elegant landscape. 


One of the great things about rocks is that, unlike plants, you can move them any time you please. If you are someone who likes to be creative consider creating a mobile section of your garden. You can achieve this by laying down a nice bed of pebbles or gravel and decorating it with stones in various shapes and sizes. Keep this area free from plants so you can reshape it by simply moving the stones, raking the gravel, then replacing the stones in a new formation. This is also a great summer project for bored kids!

Rock gardens are a fantastic option that adds interest and value to your property. The initial investment of time and purchasing stones will be repaid for years to come. They are a long-lasting, low-maintenance way to give your home a personal touch while respecting the local landscape.

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