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Autumn garden: 10 vegetables to plant now

Growing your own food is incredibly satisfying and all sorts of delicious vegetables grow in Ibiza, thanks to its temperate climate. Now the heat of summer is over, it is the perfect time to plant. You can build a raised garden bed (see our “how to” post here) and start seeds that will feed you and your family. 

Here are 10 vegetables you can plant now that will thrive in autumn.

Beetroot: This jewel-coloured root veg is a classic for winter cooking, whether steamed, roasted or made into borscht. It loves cool weather and if you plant new seeds every few weeks you can harvest all winter.

Broccoli: This sturdy brassica does best in cool soil but likes full sun, which makes it ideal for Ibiza. Pick it young and steam it till tender, or throw whole stalks on the grill to blacken.

Brussel sprouts: These “mini-cabbages” are slow-growing, long-bearing crops. They mature best in cool, even frosty weather so you can look forward to a supply for the whole winter. 

Celery: This crunchy veg is an essential ingredient for soups and stews, not to mention perfect for snacking. It doesn’t tolerate heat, so plant in cool weather and be sure to keep it well-watered in order to get big, juicy stalks. 

Spinach: The Ibiza climate is so good for spinach that the plant grows wild across the island. If spending hours foraging for salad isn’t your style, plant your own and enjoy a regular harvest of organic greens.

Lamb’s lettuce: Known as canonigos in Spanish, this tender curly lettuce is a great addition to salads or sandwiches. Once the seeds sprout the leaves are read in just four weeks. Plant two or three batches at weekly intervals so you always have a crop. 

Carrots: Autumn is a great time to plant carrots, and a raised garden bed is the perfect place to do it as they need loose, well-tilled soil. They take about four months to mature, so plant now for a wonderful, garden-fresh treat in the dead of winter.

Parsnips: These cousins of the carrot have been popular in the Mediterranean since Greek and Roman times. They are sublime roasted and add sweetness and density to stews and casseroles. Like carrots, they like well-tilled, sandy soil and take about four months to grow. 

Potatoes: Possibly the world’s most beloved vegetable, potatoes grow well in Ibiza. Plant small whole potatoes or chunks of potato with at least two eyes per piece in loose, sandy soil. Keep the soil moist at all times. Once the plants are a few inches tall pile dirt around them (it’s called “hilling”) this supports the growing tubers and prevents sunburn. 

Radishes: Super-versatile radishes are delicious pickled, grilled, sauteed, or eaten raw with a pinch of salt. They are hardy and fast-growing so you can harvest them all winter long. Radishes love the sun so plant them in your brightest corner and watch them grow! 

What’s your favourite winter veg? Share in the comments!

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