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Top 5 Reasons to Love Christmas in Ibiza

If you’ve recently moved to the island and are wondering if you should celebrate Christmas here or go somewhere else, you should consider this first. If you fancy the idea of palm trees instead of Xmas trees or making a sandman instead of a snowman, then Ibiza is the ideal place to celebrate this festive season! 

In the past, many Ibiza residents left the island for Christmas, with some heading to tropical destinations and others going back to their families in their home countries. Lately, more and more residents decide to stay on the island and celebrate the festive season here. Why? Because Ibiza might not be synonymous with ‘white winter wonderland’ but it’s a winter paradise for those seeking mild weather and a Christmas celebration on the beach!

Here are our top reasons

Christmas Sunshine

If you love good weather, surely a sunny Christmas is exactly what you wish for! Some locals celebrate Christmas in the few beach restaurants that open all year round, while others celebrate at home and then head to the beach with kids to play, while others simply prefer a quieter celebration, chilling on their terrace with friends and family while enjoying the winter sunshine.

Ibiza Christmas Spirit

The feeling of Christmas is strong on the island, with many events held for residents to enjoy and get into the festive spirit. Every village has a full programme of events it all starts on the 1st of December with the Christmas tree light’s being switched on, in Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia, followed by the Xmas markets booming all around the island, the various carol singers and the unmissable Christmas food festivals with mulled wine. Those seeking some fiestas will not be disappointed, as the vivid nightlife of Ibiza goes on during the festive season.

Long festive

In many countries, it all ends on new year’s day – but not here in Spain! The celebration lasts until the 6th of January with the ‘Dia de los Reyes Magos’, otherwise known as The Epiphany. This is one big day of celebration on the island, with the kings bringing presents not just to the kids – but to the adults too! As a tradition, many residents bring their children to the annual parade, in Ibiza Town, where the kings throw gifts, sweets, and chocolates to the crowd.

Unique Christmas gifts

Ibiza is the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind Christmas presents for loved ones. People enjoy hunting for handmade products in the local Ibiza shops, the Las Dalias Christmas Market, and the Christmas art fairs bustling around the island. There is no place like this, where creativity goes side by side with the jolly season.

Quiet time

As many tourists do not consider Ibiza as a possible destination at this time of the year, the island is left to the joy of the residents, their friends, and their families. It’s the time of the year when residents truly experience a strong sense of community in perfect harmony with the island.


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