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Home Decor: Minimal

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Decorating your home is one of the most important, and personal, aspects of caring for your Ibiza property. First and foremost, it lets you create a space that suits your taste and needs; second, it sets the tone for other aspects of your home, such as the garden and landscape; third, thoughtful decor enhances the value of your home. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to achieve a gorgeous minimal look for your home.

What is minimal?

Not to be confused with the mid-2000s techno music trend, minimal home decor emphasises simplicity, space, and functionality. The aim is to create a clear, calm feeling in your home, without a lot of extra clutter or knick-knacks.

Minimal colours

The key colours for minimal decor are white and neutrals like grey, taupe, sand, ivory, or cream. Minimalism is often inspired by Scandinavian design so pale or white wood is popular. You don’t have to be strictly monochrome to be minimal: choosing subtle variations on a key colour like blue or green can maintain a streamlined effect while adding warmth.

Minimal furnishings

The key is simplicity and function. No over-stuffed brocade chairs or gilt-inlay dressing tables! Sturdy pieces like a pine or glass dining table; simple chairs; a plain solid headboard; and chrome lamps give a sleek feel. Whatever you do, don’t buy too much furniture. Keep it down to the absolute minimum you need so you have more open space to create an airy atmosphere.

Minimal decorations

Artwork and photos bring a personal touch to your home. Keep it minimal with black-and-white family photos framed in clear plexiglass, black or white. Decoration and art should blend with the cool colour scheme and be understated. For a minimal look, think of one or two striking pieces rather than lots of knick-knacks. Glass-fronted display cabinets are the antithesis of minimal!

Minimal kitchen

The kitchen is the most lived-in room in a home, which can make it a challenge to keep minimal. For this to work, you need plenty of cupboard space and a ruthless attitude towards leftovers and washing up. Choose crockery, cookware, and cutlery in pale, neutral colours. Stoneware is a great choice for dishes; plain stainless steel is for pots and pans. If you don’t have space to store everything, stoneware plates or bowls can be stacked on the counter, adding a decorative yet minimal touch.

Minimal soft furnishings

Buy the best quality white, cream, or dove grey bed linens possible. Choose a single strong colour like charcoal, black, or navy for duvets and accents. Keep throw cushions to a minimum. Completely avoid drapes and dust ruffles! They are very un-minimal.

Best for… Anyone who likes plenty of bright open space.

Worst for… Hoarders.

Surprisingly… Works well with pets and children, up to a point. Limiting soft furnishings makes your home easier to clean, and cutting back on knick-knacks means fewer things to break! That said if you have three kids and two dogs you’ll need an army to keep things clean!

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