Buying A Property in Ibiza

Viewing Properties in Ibiza

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The Ibiza Property Guide understands how difficult viewing properties can be, especially if you are not yet living on the island. That’s why we make the search function easy – with all of the best properties available to review here in one place accessible through easy-to-use filters to refine your search results. However, there is only so much information that a description and a bunch of clear crisp photos can give you. Once you’ve got your results, perhaps it would be a good idea to get in touch with the appropriate local agent and arrange a viewing trip.
Viewing your selected properties is paramount – not only in terms of finding what you want but also in respect of finding any problems or determining what things you need to avoid. For example, pictures of the property are not going to be able to tell you what your neighbours will be like – and a description of the property is unlikely to include any negative aspects, like damp problems or lack of storage space – all of these aspects will need to be more closely inspected and the only way to do that is by visiting the properties.
Arranging multiple viewings can be a lot to take in on one trip, so that’s why it’s important to keep organised and choose efficient agents to help you – that way you can keep a clear record of each property’s attributes and keep everything straight in your mind.
An easy way to keep the level of confusion to a minimum is to try and get a clear idea of what you want before you head out on any viewing trips – of course, in real life plans can change and you might see something different to what you originally had mind – but at least you should try and get a general idea of budget, locations – and what area or type of area you like, i.e. the beach or the town, etc.
Any appointments that you make should be made through a reputable agency and the lines of communication should remain open from both sides with any scheduling changes/cancellations quickly and confirmed. Mornings or late evenings during the week are the best times to book viewing trips, as most agencies in Spain still honour the Siesta around lunchtime – but all of this can be arranged directly with agents.
Some agencies might vet you before you taking you out on any buying trips, to see how serious you are about purchasing a house in Ibiza. They may also ask you to sign a document called a ‘Nota de Encargo’. -This is a non-compete form on specific properties to protect themselves from you using another agency to buy a property that you have already seen with them. Ensure that commissions and loyalties are agreed upon up-front to avoid any confusion further down the track.

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