Buying A Property in Ibiza

Choosing an Area

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Where in Ibiza?
Choosing whereabouts in Ibiza you’d like to have your property is all a matter of purpose and budget. If you are buying as an investment for example, there may be elements like neighbourhood and schools which are less important to you. However, if you would like to live in the property that you buy, or use it as a holiday home, proximity to the beach, the town or seclusion in the countryside may be all that much more important. These factors will also greatly affect the price.

El campo v la ciudad?
The big debate between the country versus the city is never truer than in Ibiza. Of course you can get more for your money the further out that you go – but generally the properties in rural areas tend to be much bigger with much more up-keep required. Many people have a romantic idea of coming to Ibiza and living in an old finca – but what’s the reality like when you’ve run out of milk and need to drive for 20 minutes to get to the shop? In town, generally speaking, the properties are smaller and easier to mainain – but more compact with less outdoor space.

Buying to Invest in Ibiza
In principal investing in Ibiza is a good idea, because the market seems to be less affected by economic factors, such as the recession and high levels of unemployment. Ibiza seems to be something of a classic destination, with more and more tourists flocking to it’s shores. With tourists come seasonal workers, as well as those who live on the island all year round, meaning that there is always a need for housing and, like anywhere else in the world – there is no safer bet for your investment than bricks and mortar.

Ibizan Lifestyle
One unique thing about Ibiza is the fact that it caters for everyone – whether you have expensive tastes – or you prefer a more authentic vibe, Ibiza has a sexy mix of a little bit of everything. The demographic of habitants is a completely varied mix of locals with Spanish people from the mainland, Europeans and South Americans making up the majority of residents.

Local Services for the International Community in Ibiza
International restaurants, supermarkets and schools serve the cosmopolitan community of Ibiza… There is a wide range of multi-lingual media, doctors, vets and cultural events; like food and drink festivals and theatre and art projects, which emanate from the community all year round.

English Speaking Areas in Ibiza
While San Antonio is famous for being a predominantly English area, the mix of nationalities in Ibiza is so varied, that you will easily find English speaking shops and other services that cater to your language needs all over the island. One of the things that makes Ibiza so magical is its residents acceptance of people from all different backgrounds, whilst at the same time their love and preservation of their own native languages – Spanish, Catalan and Eivissenc.

Variety of Properties in Ibiza
Ibiza’s proud heritage of diversity is reflected in the variety of properties the island has to offer. From the classic old character apartments and town houses in Ibiza’s old town and Dalt Villa that are full of the personality and charm that only history can give them – to the ultra-modern minimal lofts and luxury apartments just across the water at Marina Botafoch. From the traditional Finca farm houses set in acres of beautiful countryside inland, to the beachside chalets and sea view villas around the islands coast – there is truly something for everyone.

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