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4 Key Elements Of A Mediterranean Garden

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Dreaming of a beautiful Mediterranean garden in your Ibiza property? Beautiful to see and easy to maintain, here’s how you can create your dreamy Mediterranean garden in your home in Ibiza.

Well this one is a no-brainer: a Mediterranean garden needs Mediterranean plants! Olive trees, citrus trees, “sabina”, carob, pine or the colourful bougainvillaeas are just some of the local varieties that you can have here in Ibiza. Some properties might come already with all these kind of trees, but if they don’t consider planting some of them. Find out more about these trees in our previous blog “ 6 Mediterranean trees for your Ibiza property”.

Every garden should have these basic Mediterranean kitchen herbs; rosemary, thyme, lavender, bay laurel, lemon verbena and sage. All of these herbs do very well in the Ibiza climate. Even better, your dishes will taste great with fresh herbs from your own garden. If you want to know more, check out our previous blog “4 grow-at-home herbs”.

Mediterranean life is synonymous of outdoors gathering: late lunch alfresco and long balmy nights with friends beneath the stars. On hot summer days, there’s nothing better than sitting, or strolling in the shade while catching a cool breeze. Mediterranean gardens are designed to maximise this feeling, and creating shade is non-negotiable. Rustic constructions such as pergolas and patios are popular choices. Want to know more? Check out our previous blog “How to create shade in your outdoor areas”.

Terracotta may be the traditional choice for plant pots in a Mediterranean style garden, but these days you’re just as likely to see pots constructed from concrete or ceramic that have then been coated in lime-wash or glaze. Lately, you can also find raised garden beds to create a nice decorative, and useful, veggie patch.

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