Buying A Property in Ibiza

Where to start when buying a property in Ibiza

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Closely following Catalunya and the Canary Islands, this year the Balearic Islands were rated the third most popular destination in the whole of the Spanish tourism sector. Ibiza makes up a huge volume of tourism for the Balearics, as the tiny island is world renowned for putting on some of the best electronic dance music events on the face of the earth. This means that Ibiza is very much a cosmopolitan hub, in terms both of tourists and workers, choosing to spend their holidays or even all year around living and working in Ibiza.

The warm weather and laid-back pace of life make the island a very popular place to live or invest, but getting your head around the ins and outs of how to buy a property here can be daunting – especially if Spanish or Catalan is not your native language.

Our aim here is to demystify the whole process, making each step clear and comprehensible and providing tips, recommendations, and news concerning how to get this done. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part – so we make the ‘search’ part easy – with all of the best properties and agents in one place.

The Ibiza Property Guide is a tool that you can utilise to find your ideal place. Once that’s accomplished we can put you in touch with the best organisations for legal, financial, and trade help and advice.

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