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Small Outdoor Decor Ideas

Not all the properties in Ibiza feature beautiful big gardens, the majority are flats or semi-detached houses with limited outdoor space. So if you are looking for small outdoor decor ideas, you’ve come to the right place. 

Small gardens, terraces, and petite patios may require a little more thought than larger spaces, but even the tiniest spot can be transformed into an elegant outdoor retreat. After all, they do say that good things come in small packages.

Small outdoor areas do have the advantage of requiring low maintenance. They also provide a great space to be creative – as even the smallest additions, such as colourful cushions or stylish garden lighting can have a very dramatic effect. 

So here are our 3 decor ideas to transform your exterior – no matter the size – in an edition of your interior:

Plants in Pots And Go Vertical

Even if you don’t have a beautiful big garden, you can still enjoy some gardening. Consider adding a lot of pots, filled with everything from the tiniest flowering plants to the tall and bushy trees, and why not also grow your own herbs. Don’t forget that even if your ground space is limited, there is usually plenty of vertical spaces, i.e. use walls and fences – they will not only create a beautiful look but also provide additional spaces to hang up more pots.

 Use Accessories Wisely

Even the tiniest terrace can be transformed into something exceptional with the right accessories. By using vibrant colours you can transform your small outdoor space into a bright alfresco dining area. You can also add mirrors to trick the eye and create the illusion of a bigger and brighter space. Then enhance the sense of comfort by adding plenty of soft cushions, which creates flexible cosy corners, as you can always move them around if you need to make more space.


Use a Multi-tasking Furniture

If space is tight, make sure that what you have is working fine for you. Try to think of solutions that can have multiple uses, like a bench where you can seat for breakfast but also use it for lounging in those hot Ibiza summer days.

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