Buying A Property in Ibiza

OK, now you own an Ibiza property….

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After Sale Care
The Ibiza Property Guide has a whole directory full of the little extra services that you might need once your sale is complete. From re-location organisations to refurbishments, renovations, restorations and building companies – we have it all here under one easy to search umbrella!

Your estate agency and lawyers can help you with the following inevitable tasks:

Initial after sale care services include:
-Organising name changes
-Collating a detailed list for notary completion date
-Liaising with service and utility companies to make sure that all payments have been made and are up to date
-Ensuring that power, water other utilities are still connected and that there are no outstanding issues (i.e. debts) from the previous owners.

They can also point you in the right direction for other services.

However, accountancy, healthcare and insurance providers can be found by searching here on the Ibiza Property Guide’s easy to use directory.

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