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Get ready to immerse yourself in a cinematic, surround-sound experience with Home Entertainment Systems

Home entertainment systems can provide high quality audio and video distribution throughout your Ibiza property.
You can access your entire CD/IPod collection in every room via music servers with the actual album cover art displayed on your touch panel. High quality video distribution allows DVD’s to be accessed from a hard drive film server at high-definition quality.
Centralised Sky+ HD hard drive recorders can allow you to watch recordings anywhere in the home – multiple recorders can also be installed, one for the adults and one for the kids.

You could even install a dedicated home cinema room as part of your home entertainment system. A big screen and surround sound system can give you a multi-plex feeling even at home.
The home cinema has access to the same sources as the rest of the house, so your entire DVD collection can be accessed in addition to satellite TV.

In fact, you could install bespoke media rooms to enable you and your family to enjoy films in the comfort of your own home, and at substantially better quality than your local multiplex. You can also create rooms which minimise sound leakage to the rest of the home, ensuring enjoyment of that room doesn’t impact on everyone else in the home.

Imagine streaming your Spotify music or CD collection everywhere in the home, providing an unlimited music library streamed via the internet. Picking your music or films is easier than having the physical collection in your hands. Search by artist, album or track name or even flick through cover art for each of your albums or films.

There are even systems that will intelligently shuffle your album covers to show similar albums in your collection, revolutionising the way you enjoy your favourite music. Similar systems can distribute HD Video around the home, enabling every display to watch any HD source all at once, or enable each to watch an independent source.

It seems that you can now listen to, or watch, whatever you want anywhere and at any time…

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