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Feng shui tips for a happy home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is based on the idea our homes are a reflection of what’s happening inside us. The idea is to create a home environment that aligns with who you are and where you want to go. According to feng shui principles, everything is energy, even inanimate objects. Whether or not you believe the philosophy, there are lots of sensible tips in feng shui that will promote positive energy and enhance the happiness of your home. 

Free your chi 

Chi means energy, and you want it to circulate freely through your home. Feng shui can help you remove blockages that can have a negative impact, and also keep chi from running straight through your home and escaping. One way to get your chi unstuck is to clean up cluttered or untidy areas. Any place that accumulates unwanted stuff is said to block energy. To boost the flow of chi, open your curtains and windows to let in light and fresh air. 

Incorporate the five elements

Chinese philosophy is very big on balance. To bring out the best in your home you want to ensure all of the five elements are represented. These are earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. Each of these has corresponding colours, which comes in handy for decorating. Wood is associated with green and brown; fire with red, bright yellow, orange, purple, and pink; the earth with pale yellow, sand, and light brown; metal with white and grey; and water with blue and black. Having a good blend of elements, including elemental colours, is supposed to boost the energetic quality of your home. If nothing else, it will create a beautiful, interesting space!


A key element of feng shui is optimising your space so it is comfortable and inviting. There are common sense suggestions like arranging furniture in a way that promotes intimacy and conversation. Chairs and sofas, for example, should be set so people can chat with each other, and face the doorway so they are welcoming to newcomers. 


To give your bank balance a boost, you might want to try some feng shui ideas for prosperity. One tip is to use water images or, even better, water features as part of your decor. Water is a symbol of abundance and pictures of clear, bright, moving streams are supposed to promote prosperity. Fish are also an auspicious symbol, so a small fish tank is very good feng shui. Just keep the cat away!


We all want a home to be a peaceful place, but often stressful and busy schedules can disrupt family harmony. Feng shui has some ideas to help in this area too. First, tidy up so your relationships aren’t bogged down in clutter. Use the colour green in the family room, as it represents wood energy and is the colour of nourishment and hope. Plants create a sense of growth and well-being, while family photos are a reminder of happy times and reinforce feelings of togetherness. 

What are your thoughts on feng shui? We’d love to hear your best tips for creating a harmonious home. Share in the comments!

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