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Decking: Building Your Outdoor Space

Perfecting your Ibiza property involves many factors: time, expense, function and materials. You have to think about how everything works together to create a comfortable, harmonious space. One of the key elements in your property is decking, which can be used to surround a pool, form a terrace, or lay out a separate space for kids or pets.

Before deciding on the best decking for your home you should consider the following factors.


What is the purpose of your deck area? The best option to create a space around the pool for sun loungers might not be the same as what you would use to create a barbecue area. When you are planning the arrangement of your outdoor areas, think about how different spaces are used and the relationship between them.


Function is the first consideration when choosing materials. In Ibiza, you also need to consider the impact of the elements. You need materials that can stand up to hot sun, humidity, and salt air, in addition to handling every day wear-and-tear. Given the climate, a wooden deck might not be the best option as it costs a lot to maintain. Wood composite, which is a mix of plastic and waste wood, or PVC is a sturdy, less-expensive option if you like the look of wood. Concrete has an obvious appeal for poolside and barbecue areas, as it is robust, comparatively inexpensive, and fireproof, however it can crack. Options like paving stones give greater flexibility for irregular-shaped spaces, and are long lasting. If you have a large property, you may want to use different materials in different areas.


Whether you use one material, or many, it is crucial to consider the aesthetic impact. You enjoy your home more if the property is pleasing to the eye, and a gorgeous property is always going to be worth more! On that basis, you may want to invest in planning and purchasing good-quality, visually appealing materials. If your decking is concentrated in one area, such as around a pool, consider how the colour and texture harmonise with the surroundings. A simple white concrete deck can be stunning, as long as you don’t mind putting in the work to keep it clean.

Working with multiple materials can enhance the character and appeal of the landscape. For example, paving stones around a barbecue pit can give way to composite wood decking which runs into the garden, creating a continuum of textures from hard stone to soft earth.


Last but not least, think about how much time you are able and willing to put into upkeep. All decking requires regular sweeping and a light scrub to remove dirt or mildew. Wood requires more intensive care in the form of refinishing or repair of splintered pieces. PVC and composite are more wear-resistant, but need to be cleaned. Stone and concrete will need to be scrubbed from time to time but don’t need as much regular care.

Every aspect of your home is a chance to create a comfortable, happy space that expresses your personality and suits your lifestyle. Thinking about your needs and taste before starting a project is a great way to ensure money spent on your home is a good investment.

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