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Infratec offers a solution with several advantages and high energy efficiency!
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Infratec brings to Ibiza the most innovative heating system. The principle behind this infrared heating system is simple and it’s based on the principle of warming solar rays - it doesn't warm the air but instead use direct heat, warming the walls as well as all bodies and objects within a room. The heat stored within these walls and the furniture is then re-emitted evenly.

Compared to conventional heating solutions, Infratec offers a solution with several advantages such as the low costs and high energy efficiency, plus the fact that it will instantly warm your room without leaving any cold areas or damp.

The stylish, timeless design of the Bioheatplus unit is not only beautiful, but also fully and completely adapted to the latest technology. The infrared heating elements are arranged in a matte silver stainless steel housing. The heating elements made from high-density ceramic are practically indestructible. The unit can be placed onto any wall and can even masquerade as a decoration of a room - a great way to make the most of your living space and certain talking point whenever you have guests over.

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