Buying A Property in Ibiza

5 Signs that you’ve found the right house in Ibiza

Looking for your new home in Ibiza can be time-consuming and one of the biggest decisions you will take in your life. So to make your life easy we’ve listed 5 signs you should look out for when visiting properties. If you feel all of them it means that you’ve met your dream home in Ibiza! 

1 – Home’s curb appeal 

Once you meet with the agent outside of the house, you can’t wait to enter. You’ve seen the pictures of the interior already on the website but first hand the exterior looks so much better and you just want to step inside and explore each room. 

2 – You feel welcome

As soon as you step in, you feel at home. Are you comfortable there? Does the house have everything you want? Go with your gut feeling – if it feels like home, then chances are, it probably is.

3 – You dream about your life in it

If you start to immediately envision where your sofa will go in the living room, and how to decorate the bedroom it’s because you probably have found the one. If you then start picturing where you will celebrate your Christmas dinner or how you will decorate the house for your birthday party, then let us tell you it’s love! 

4 – You feel the excitement

While you are visiting the house, you are already taking photos to send to friends and family. You feel excited! And this excitement doesn’t go away in the following weeks. You can’t talk about anything else apart from owning this house!

5 – You’re falling in love with it

You can’t stop dreaming about your life in the new home. All of the other homes you’ve been looking at no longer appeal to you and you don’t want to waste time seeing any more houses. This is it. You are falling in love, this is your house. Just go for it!

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